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SaolaShop brings fully support to your Live multi-channel vending such as Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube and orders management in ONLY 1 SCREEN LIVE.

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Start your omnichannel Livestream in an easy way!

The #1 Omnichannel Vending Livestream Platform for Advertisers and Sales in Vietnam.

Automatically beautify and auto text effects

Automatic face beautification

Saolashop provides automatic brighten and smoothen skin. You can start livestream confidently regardless light conditions with auto light function.

Auto text effects

Automatic floating text during Livestream.

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Exclusive orders management for Live multi-channel

Saolashop brings you a powerful assistant to fully support omnichannel Livestream and sales.

Centralized comment and menu management

Increase x10 times the performance of comment management and submission with Saolashop compared to conventional Livestream.

Live selling efficiency statistic

SaolaShop is able to optimize and analyze your direct selling performance. Stats include number of views, number of viewers that added your products in their cart and orders summary.

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Shoot up 300% in customer interaction

Saolashop gives end users a great experience on Livestream in the fastest way!

Create orders by comments on Live

When an audience leaves a comment that includes “keyword +1” an item will be automatically added to cart, ready for order.

Various interactive mini games

Variable Livestream games for increasing customer interactions: Top comments – Share, lucky Roulettes, random prizes by leaving comments…

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Keep in touch and receive orders's real-time informations anywhere, anytime.

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